About Elahe

I am a portrait photographer, originally from Iran. I live in London with my husband, daughter and two cats.

I have lived in London since 2004, yet I am still not used to the weather and need to remind myself every day that sunny and bright days do exist and the sky is not always grey and gloomy. I always try to take photos in a way that my subject can feel good about themselves and love themselves more and begin even the grey days with happiness. I love to take photographs in a style that enhances a person’s beauty and captures their personality.

I am addicted to Photoshop for polishing my photos. I can sit behind my laptop for hours editing, and reading about photography while roaming on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks. I love multitasking and am not satisfied doing things one at a time. I find that I am far more efficient when I work in this way.

My style is modern, minimal and airy. I like my photographs clean, bright and simple.

I have been a Nikon girl from the outset and shall remain a Nikon girl. I love all my Apple gadgets. I fell in love with Apple since switching in 2009 and I will never go back to Windows and PC.

If you want to have a little something to remind you of this stage of your life, if you want to look at yourself in the future and feel good and proud about your past, and be able to appreciate your own unique beauty, I invite you to get in touch with me.


13th May – 3rd July 2011: Group exhibition UNREVEALED at The Grove Gallery, East London, UK.